Sunday, April 13, 2008

Parks and Fun with Jamie

Jamies New Push Buggy

Choo Choo

First Pony Ride

Park between Rain Showers

We have been having so much fun. Yes we both went back to work last week which was tough, especially since I had a work event on Friday night which kept me away from my family until 10pm. Last weekend we went to Kids Kampus and on the way it was pouring rain. We almost turned back but after we crossed the river the rain slowed and when we pulled up it stopped. So we grabbed the trusty towel I keep in the Mommy van for just this purpose and played in puddles and wiped down the playground equipment for Jamie to use. SHe got soaked anyway, and when we left it started raining again.

Then this weekend, on Saturday morning first thing, we went to a garage sale where this lady was holding a Push Buggy I had found on Craigs List...We got it for only $15 and it should be good for another year or so. We found a park down there in that part of town, but not until we tried to pull into the YMCA where they were having some sort of carnival and we were waiting for this lady to back out onto the road...and she backed right into someones car who didn't notice her backing out...MIke was mortified, he felt guilty that he didn't honk the horn. Too bad I wasnt driving, I never forget to honk the horn. Anyway we found another park and we played and rode her new buggy and she even tried out a battery powered car these folks had just bought for their 2 year old. Very cool, but is that necessary do you think? I like the idea of the Push Buggy - let me have the control while I can! Mike got to fly his kite for a bit but it really wasn't windy enough.

Then we went further down the road in search of food really, we were going to go to Q..znos because we had a Entertainment book coupon for $5 off with the purchase of $5 in food. On the way we saw another carnival at an elementary school and it had ponies and other farm animals as well as a Bounce House and a small train. We stopped and it was a fund raiser for this public elementary school. Tickets were Four for a Dollar and most of the stuff cost four tickets - even the Pony ride, bounce house and Train ride. Well we do enough bounce houses at no charge and Jamie had never been on a pony or a train. We did the Pony first and she like it, but there wasn't a meltdown like there is when we take her off the carousal horses...maybe she was a bit intimidated? There were lots of animals right there where we got off the pony so maybe that was it. Baby rabbits, chicks, goats,ducks and a baby pig all there to pet and touch.

Then we put her on the train ride, it was so cute, this guy had fixed up a lawn tractor to look like a train, and taken barrels and cut them and painted them and put on wheels for the little kids to ride in. After the train ride I asked her 'Which do you want to do again? Pony ride or Train?" And she Picked the pony ride. She cried a bit when we went to leave, but nothing like the melt down she has exhibited both times after the carousal ride.

Then we went to Q...znos. Do you think it's right that they change the offer of the coupon? They had a sign up that said 'Because everything has gone up so much in cost we need you to purchase a drink and chips to get the $5 off.' What a rip...Well i had just seen that clip on Negotiating for what you want, and I offered to buy 2 large subs to get the $5 off - In other words to spend $20 to save $5. It was turned down the first time, but not the second. I just can't see buying chips and a drink when you have that at home. So that is my rant about using coupons.

Anyway life is grand, wish I could take another week off soon with my girl.

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