Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crib diving

OK so last night we heard Jamie thump thump thumping like we often do when she is in her crib, when we checked her at 11 before I went to bed she was sleeping in a hole, she had broken one of the supports by jumping and the crib was slanted quite a bit towards the wall. I laid down with her in bed while Mike fixed the crib.

Tonight there was a loud THWACK!! -she had climbed out and landed smack dab on her head...pretty big bump but otherwise ok. After tears and snuggles and a bit of a session with an ice pack on her forehead we just put her back to bed with piles of pillows and comforters next to the crib.

Does this mean we should get her a toddler bed now? Or should we wait and see...I can't believe my baby is turning into such a big girl!


Lyn said...

I'm a blog hopper, thought I'd leave a note. I left my twin boys in cribs well into 3 years old, because they never offered or attempted to climb in or out but I think you're ready for a toddler bed!

Cat, Galloping said...

sorry, game over: sounds like it's time for a bed for sure!

Lisa said...

Toddler bed time! They're great, not very expensive and of course your crib mattress and linens fit them.

Annie still falls out of hers REGULARLY, but falling 10" versus 4' is a huge improvement!