Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jamies first hunts

We went to a egg hunt at a local park on Saturday. When we got there Jamie wanted to 'See the Bunny!' which was fine, at first she was a bit timid, but with me holding her she was thrilled to meet the Easter Bunny. Then they gave her a sucker...well the egg hunt was about to start...and all she cared about was that sucker! So when they blew the whistle she could have cared less about running out to get the eggs! They even had some golden eggs which gave the kids some huge prizes, like bikes and big baskets full of toys. Oh well we had fun, she was a bit traumitized when after hunt was over the bunny took off his head and put it on the picnic table...I am still hearing "Bunny head momma" four days later!

We also went to Anders house on Sunday morning and did another egg hunt. This time Jamie was too enamoured of Anders wonderful playground like back yard to care much about looking for the eggs. Ander was sweet enough to restrain himself from taking all the eggs, even helping Jamie find the ones she missed. Now days later I hear from Jamie "Ander park?" she wants to go back to Anders park! hehhehee... I wish we had a better playyard for her at our house, with the pool it's tough to feel real comfortable out in the back yard with her, unless we are all in the pool that is. (which is coming up soon! yippee!)

Blogger is giving me issues when I try to load more pictures so I will try to do a slideshow later. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.

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