Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dancing in the new mirror in the kitchen

Jamie has recently become quite 'girlie'. She has expressed interested in shoes and has been very vocal on choosing the footwear of the day for quite some time. "Mommy Sponge Bob!" or "No Mommy, want those!" I try to give her choices between a couple of pairs that could be suitable. Because I am a prolific thrift store shopper she does have alot of shoes. (12 or so pairs in her size - is that alot?)

Anyway, she has recently become interested in wearing dresses, and while wearing them she has noticed the new big mirror in the kitchen. We got a new dishwasher - in black - so she uses it to showcase her dancing talent, but only while wearing dresses. Just now she was in my lap and I showed her the two videos that I downloaded for this post and she ran right to the kitchen and started dancing to the dishwasher. (and yes she was wearing a dress!) Maybe I will post that video later. I have recently figured out how to post videos via youtube so now I will be be putting them on the blog regularly.

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Anonymous said...

Ander loves watching this video. He was asking where Aunt Martha was though.... ;-)