Saturday, October 26, 2013


Every October we stroll thru our zoo one night with monsters, pirates, goblins, princessess and LOTS of lit Jack'olanterns. 

Each year we go with the same families we met at Jamie's Preschool at Christ the King.
I call us the Fab 11. 

The two other families have both a girl Jamie's age - Chayse and Madison, and two girls two years younger - Ali and Abby. (The babies!) 
We also usually do the Winterfest in St Augustine and last spring we all went on a great cruise to the Carribbean.

To tell the truth I am so over this event but I go for Jamie. It's ten dollar each and they give out candy. (It used to be like trick or treat, now it's about 6 candy stations where they give out about four penny candies at each station. No Chocolate.

But the girls love it. 

They love being at the zoo at dark. They love an extra opportunity to dress in their costumes. They love jumping in the bounce houses and dancing to Thriller Beat it and other traditional disco dances and they LOVE being together.

So next year I am sure we will go again.

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