Thursday, November 7, 2013

Affordable Care Act - Is it?

I have been trying to negotiate the ACA website for the past two weeks. I didn't try too much the first several weeks as I was waiting for the kinks to get worked out.

Well the kinks are still there. I need to say yay or nay to Mike's health plan at his job no later than next Wednesday. I have made it through most of the site, I have actually seen the plans a couple of times...

The thing I haven't see is how much the subsidy will help me. Right now I pay about what the plan costs - $500/ month to be on Mikes plan. Since we don't make the $78,000 level for a family of three we will be subsidized...By how much I don't know.

I also don't know if my doctor will take the various incantations of Florida Blue and Florida options and I really don't want to leave my Dr if I can help it.

So I am going to a Navigator in person tomorrow for help.

I am pretty web savvy so I find it odd that someone else could help me navigate the site, but there's the rub

The Florida Blue guy just called me and said that the plans on the site will take my GP so that is great news. He also said that the ACA could take off about $400/month for the subsidy but because I do have health insurance available through Mike's job I may not qualify for the subsidy.

He also put a bit of doubt in my mind about the Navigators ability. That maybe I should go to Blue for help.

But they can't help determine the subsidy


I am such a fan of Obama and I know we are on the right track by getting affordable health care but this is super frustrating! Are there any good stories out there? Anyone?

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