Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sick Day again

Jamie was diagnosed with Strep throat on Monday. She had a sudden Sore throat Saturday and a very high fever on Sunday (Up to 103.3!!) I was pretty freaked out because she also mentioned that her neck hurt.

Anyway it's Strep again. She has had it a couple times the last year or so. And I had it once along with the flu about a year ago.

So combined with the Strep, and the horrendous cold weather even we in Florida have experienced this week we stayed home Monday and Tuesday. She still had a very slight fever yesterday but today it's gone.

I kept her home anyway. I know bad Mommy. To tell the truth I didn't want to 'Get back out there' myself.

We got up late - my alarm didn't go off - so we took another day. But you know what I am glad. Glad that I am a realtor and can do this without guilt and suspicion from my employer. Glad that I don't have to push my girl back into the swing of things so soon after being so sick.

So there- I have said my peace about that - How was your Christmas and Happy New Year!

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The Lovely One said...

She's getting to be so big! She's a little lady now!