Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Obamacare Update - People Matter!

Well I got signed up through the website and got a pretty good plan for $387/month. I am being subsidized about $115/month. The plan I was looking at Michaels' job was over $550/month for me so I am pleased.

I also am going to continue to use 'Obamacare' when referring to this life changing initiative. I want to give him credit for helping the citizens of this country to get care.

So many who are much poorer than Mike and I can get subsidized much more, even to the point of the coverage being free for them. A family of three that makes under $78,120 is eligible for a subsidy, a family of four under $94,200.

And there is the rub.

Some don't thing the government should subsidize anything.

Don't have enough for an apartment or a house? Rent a room in some fleabag hotel!

Don't have enough for nutritional food for your kids? Give them Peanut butter and crackers.

And don't let us seeing you use your food stamps for anything like a (HORRORS) a birthday cake for your kid!

Don't have enough to keep your heat on? Wear sweaters and hats indoors.

My mom lived in subsidized housing her last five years on earth.

She had a very small apartment but it was affordable. I think it was costing her about a third of her Social security income - about $300/month. She couldn't have had a secure place to live without that apartment. They had group events like cards and bingo. They had a courtyard in the center near the laundry area where the (mostly lady) residents would gather and talk and laugh. They allowed pets, even small dogs so Mom could keep her cat. She loved that cat and I think that having Kiwi there really was a comfort to her. Kiwi died 10 days after she did. I just think that is such a testimony to the love they had for each other. They also had a buzzer all of the older residents were to buzz each morning by 10 am to let them know they were ok. Her not buzzing that buzzer led to the discovery that she had died in her sleep that night last May.

And I lived on Unemployment twice in my life. Yes I have been working since I was fifteen but had about 18 months 'on the dole'. And I am not ashamed of it. We work in this country and we pay for Unemployment insurance for a reason.

We need to allow people some dignity when they need a helping hand.

We need to take care of our citizens in this country. Not just the corporations that have money matter.

Obama care matters. People matter.

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The Lovely One said...

Love this. So many people complain about Obamacare, so it's nice to read a positive story (my insurance didn't change, so I can't say it effected me, either way).

And I love the idea of making residents buzz by 10 am! That should be a requirement of all retirement communities!