Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Found Dog gets new Home

We were awakened to a neighbor calling us at home Saturday morning saying they thought our dog was in their driveway. It was a golden retriever type dog, but it wasn't Samson. It was a young female and it appears she had been dumped. The husband of that family DID NOT want another pet although the young wife named Tara did. I told her I would take her home to my back covered porch to hang out while we tried to find her owner.

The poor dog didn't wish to leave the area where she had appeared Friday night around midnight. I tried to get her in my car at noon on my way to floor duty at the office but she wouldn't get into my car.

I was under orders from my husband not to bring another animal INTO our house. Well I wasn't planning on bringing her into the house. Just into our back porch.

When I came home from floor duty later that afternoon, she was still there in the front yard. I tried again to get her into my car and it was no go. She was determined to stay on the street.

So I rolled my car about 2 miles an hour calling through the open windows, "Come on Pretty, come on girl!..." and she followed me home. I had gotten a leash on her, but it was still a challenge getting her into the back porch.

I put up flyers all over the neighborhood and put her on Craigslist as a FOUND DOG, and called the Golden Retriever rescue group in our town G.R.E.A.T. The lady said she would be able to come get her Monday or early in the week.

I got no calls...NO CALLS?! If you lost your dog wouldn't you check Craigslist? or drive around looking for flyers?

Monday morning I took her to the vet and she didn't have a chip. Then GREAT called and said they were trying find a place for her.

Tuesday the lady from GREAT called back and said she didn't have a place for her. That the organization was out of funds, that they may have a spot at the end of the month.

Oh great. So I am sure Jamie thought we were going to keep her. After all she was very well behaved and was ok around Samson (She let him be the Alpha dog). She was also fine (But curious about) our cats. But I was determined not to break my promise to my husband. I kept the dog out of the house, though it broke my heart to see her little face looking in at us when I said goodnight to her each evening.

The neighbor lady, Tara called and said she DIDN"T want the dog to go to the shelter NO MATTER WHAT...but she couldn't take her.

So now what? More posters, trip to Pet stores to post flyers bringing her sweet face with me each time in hopes of finding her a home. I put the word out at my office and on my Facebook page. I DIDN"T post a free pets ad on Craigslist as too many weird and bad things happen to 'Free' pets that are obtained on Facebook, however Tara did.

She called me and said she got flooded with calls immediately after posting the Free Dog ad and got worried and a bit creeped out. So she texted a message to all in her phone and she got a great response, from a family with 2 kids and two small dogs who always wanted a golden!

So Lila or "Delilah' got a new home!

Get it? Samson and Delilah?

I saw another stray dog yesterday by my daughters school, but this time I didn't answer the call.

I hope someone else did.

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