Saturday, September 7, 2013

More Kelnepa Drive or 'Oops I blogged too fast!'



Continuing on my 'walk' down Kelnapa on Google Maps I found the other house so that isn't the same house.
They are so similar I wonder if they were constructed at the same time?
Further down the street were a couple of river front houses that couldn't be seen from Google Maps one of which was being marketed by my competitor at the time of the photo. Its a 6200 sf mansion on the river that was on the market in 2009 but didn't sell for the $1,200,000 asking price.  Here is the house once you get past that gate:

 Check out the Master bath:
and the 'River Room':
and here is the view:
Here is another Kelnepa jewel built in 1927, a 2 bedroom house with about 2000 sf that sold in 2011 for over $400,000. It is lovely inside and has a pool in the back. But really? Only 2 bedrooms?

 Ok so now you know what a Realtor does on Floor duty on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
Well this Realtor anyway.

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