Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walking the walk and Talking the Talk

I am learning to be a realtor...and what I have learned is you just have to do something...anything. The key is to get in front of people every day and let them know you are in real estate and could help if they would like to buy or sell their homes.

So I am out getting in front of them. Now that I have a listing in my neighborhood I decided I need to let folks in the neighborhood know that I am an agent and am doing business here. I have my name on the sign now, so now to reinforce it somehow.

But how?

Yes I could mail them all something... There are 702 houses in our neighborhood. And my brokerage doesn't pay for postage. But they do let you make color copies...hmmmm. So why not walk it around? They say face to face is best for meeting folks anyway.

So I developed a newsletter, called it My Neighborhood's Real Estate Journal and wrote an article about how great the neighborhood is, got another article from our local Realtors association and finally a small article about my new listing. Then on the other side I put 3 larger photos of the new listing with the information about it...

I started my 'Door Knocking' Campaign yesterday, did 20 houses yesterday. Today I did 30 houses this morning and another 30 this afternoon. For each 30 doors knocked on I typically talk to between 6-8 folks. So ninety down, 612 to go.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day.

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