Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our winter is outside time

Jamie hasnt learned to ride without training wheels yet. To tell you the truth I may ask a younger more fit friend to run alongside her and help her learn. Pitiful I know, but I just can't run more then 30 feet or so and she won't do it without one of us beside her.

She did get a new scooter for Christmas and that does seem to be helping her balance. She just isn't interested in giving the bike another try without the training wheels.

I take her and Samson to the park quite often and the scooter is what she chooses to bring. Lots of folks at the park which is good in some ways but not so good for Samson. I don't feel ok letting him off the leash when there are others at the park, as dogs are not supposed to be running free.

Some mornings when I don't go in right away, I take Sammy to a small park that is fenced in and I walk the sidewalk while encouraging him to rip and roar around.

We really do spend more time outside here in the winter than in the summer. In the summer it's so hot I either want to be in my pool or inside. Winter is the out and about time.

How is your winter going?

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The Lovely One said...

Winter is outdoor time for us, too! We were at the park yesterday in t-shirts.