Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh really I didn't know that...I am so glad you told me!

I am getting the to age where I would love to impart my wisdom unto others.

I remember the first time, I had recently graduated from college and my cousin was still in high school. I realized I could save him some pain and expense if he would take my advice about Math. "Take math in high school and learn all you can while it is free," I told him. I had had to pay for 3 college courses in math, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra so I could take Statistics which was the required course for my major.

I don't know that he took my advice on that topic, but he recently told me I turned him on to some cool bands in the 80's most notably Gang of Four.

When I was at the paper I loved helping folks and showing tips and tricks to get work done quickly.

I used to attend Alanon meetings and loved telling things that would help others, like "He who angers me controls me" or "Resentment is the poison I drink hoping the other person will die."

Then there is my favorite Computer shortcut I want to share with everyone-Window D...I just love that quick trick to reduce all windows down to the bottom so you can see your desktop - See I even want to impart wisdom while writing this post - LOL.

For some reason when my mom has wisdom to impart I cringe inside and don't want to listen. I feel like she constantly wants to tell me the right way to be...

"You know you aren't supposed to tell the child to clean her plate, it could lead to obesity..." (and she is obese and I have been flirting with it for years)
"When I cook I always do it this way..." (She never cooks anymore)
"Do you measure your cat's foods each day so they won't get fatter" (Her cat is fatter than my cats)
"Have you ever cleaned out your garbage disposal/dishwasher etc. etc etc?"

I will quit here, enough said...I just wish I didn't get so defensive and reactive.

If I could just smile gracefully and say "Oh! I didn't know that! I am so glad you told me!" it would be so much better.

Wish I could be the patient loving nuturing daughter...

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