Friday, February 10, 2012


I manned (Sat in...? Worked..? hosted...?) a model for a small designer community today and did another Open house on Sunday. Lots of sitting and waiting...

After being and outside sales rep I got used to being the one doing the running and going - And I liked it. Now I am doing some sitting and waiting. Which I am not so sure I like.

It reminds me of when I worked in a swimming pool store in Michigan. We also carried spas and pool tables and were open year round. I was a glorified assistant manager which meant I got to sit many long dreary cold days alone in the store. It wasn't a good scenerio for one prone to SAD.

This isn't so bad, it's just a few hours every once in a while, but I am just sayin... So glad I am not back in that swimming pool store. In winter. In Michigan. Long cold dreary days, having to shovel the walk sometimes more than once per day (We had snow removal but only if it was over 2" during the snowfall and we have more snowfalls under 2" than over).

I am glad to be living here in the sunshine state. Today I was at a model home which is really the community's clubhouse on a creek with a pool off the back.

Yes it was a grey day. But it was mild - 73 degrees or so.

But it wasn't Michigan in a pool store in 34 degrees with slush on the ground.

So it was a good day.

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