Friday, December 30, 2011

Tis the Season

If Jamie had her way we would be on the go every day and night...which we pretty much have been.

The beginning of the month was crazy with studying for my state real estate exam...I studied most of Nov and beginning of Dec but managed to pass my test on my first try and then got to do more classes courtesy of my new company.

I wrote my first listing last week with the help of my broker, but it goes live next week as they wanted to wait until after the holidays. It is a neighbor who cooincidently wanted to sell his house the week I passed my test. I happened to stop by to inquire about his new baby and mentioned passing my exam and wow this could be fun...

Anyway, lots of Jamie's friends have birthdays in December (three of her best friends!) and her birthday is next week. Poor baby would love a party but I have convinced her to wait until summer for a pool party again.

Our Christmas was awesome, Jamie got her coveted Monster High dolls (thanks Uncle Larry) a Hello Kitty scooter from Grandma Judy, a bike from Grandma Fifi and a Android tablet and zhuzhe universe from her Grandpa and Grandma Char and her new Aunt Jen Ron and Uncle Bruce sent her a handmade Chinese princess dress. Everyone was extra generous this year which was great because our income is down this season.

Mike and I got candy and the pleasure of seeing our little girls pleasure. Life is good.

Now to get busy.

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