Monday, March 8, 2010

Her first anticipated 'Social event!'

Yes Jamie's good friend is having a Birthday party at our local jumping spot. You know the places with the giant inflatables? Anyway she is so excited and so cute about telling me "Madison is going to be there and Christian too!" She is also already lobbying for her White Leather flip flops to be worn! "Sorry baby, this place requires you to wear shoes." Hope she gets it so we can avoid the shoe war that day.

Other recent events:

When I came home from work Jamie ran to me and said "Mommy, mommy I didn't take anyones purse today!" See previous post about concerns about Jamie and others possessions.

After dance class Jamie wowed the class with her Hula hoop performance. She can keep it going for a good long while! She has that perfect shimmy. While there I tried it out and was able to keep one of those larger ones going for quite a while. I had read about this recent fad of adults using the hula hoop for exercise. And yes I mean the actual hula hoop not the virtual hoop on Wii Fit.

Not that I can use the Wii Fit as it doesn't seem to be available anymore unless you want to pay a premium on ebay.

Speaking of Wii, I need to get back on it. I am finally feeling better - almost 100%! I just don't relish rising at 6am to do it...

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Cinda said...

Is it Pump It Up? You have to wear socks there. The first time we went Ander had Crocs on, and we had to buy socks there. He just got a birthday invite for PIU next week.