Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I just haven't felt well & Jamie isn't doing well either

I have been out of the loop as I dont feel well physically, and not too great emotionally and spiritually. I know bronchitus takes it's toll on me, so this too shall pass.

In the meantime I have gotten in trouble at work again. I probably do need to look for another job. I just love my job...or what I do anyway. My job has become very trying to say the least.

Guess that is enough said about that.

On another front, Jamie has taking to stealing. Yup stealing, taking others possessions - mostly at school. When Mike arrives to take her home she will insist that some sweater or bag is hers. He believes her and they take home some other childs jacket. Sheesh, she is so convincing she got the teacher to scotch tape her name onto a dance bag that had a name tag of some other child on it, with dance shoes inside with that same childs name magic markered on the shoes.

And she is very high energy. I had one of the helper parents in my daughters church prek class tell me my daughter is as much work as all of the others combined.

Ahhh good times. Is it spring yet?

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Lauri said...

Hang in there Martha..hope things get better soon