Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ok another couple of pounds lost!

I love to eat. Losing weight is hard for me, but I really am determined. We are doing another Weight Loss challenge at work. This time just a few of us, but that's ok. I am eating alot of fish and fruit. I hope to get down 8 more lbs in the next 6 weeks. (I have lost four lbs so far in the first 2 weeks). This is doable.

I can't find a copy of the Wii fit which I think is too much fun (based on doing it at a friends house twice for 20 minutes or so) I know the real test will be getting it home and actually using it. In the meantime I got a copy of Wii EA Active on sale this week at Target for only $44 based on alot of rave reviews online.

However I bought it Wednesday and it is still in the package!

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Lauri said...

You can do it.. small changes really add up.

I have recently just focused on adding more fiber to my diet

that small change has really made a difference