Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Durn it fell off the 30 day challenge wagon!

Well I was doing so good, but then the crud hit me. My annual bout with Bronchitus/sinusitus had me throw in the 30 day challenge with the Wii Active. Shoot it makes me mad. Don't know what it will say to me when I go back to it...Probably Start Over! You are Not The BIGGEST LOSER!!

I'm still dragging myself to work each day, today I went to the Dr. and got prescriptions for Steriods, Antibiotics and nebulizer inhalations.

Here's to breathing free and clear sometime soon though these things seem to drag out many days for me.

I think I have some faulty lungs...knew I shouldn't have been smoking all those years.

Anyone else get this every year?!

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