Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who Did It Clock

Ok so I saw this clock at a thrift store and thought it was cute, and that it would work as my Lap swimming clock. I like to put one in the Living Room window facing out into the yard and the pool so when swimming laps I can time my 25 minutes that I usually do.

Mike put batteries in it and we couldn't figure out what this noise was that went off every hour instead of a chime. It sounded a bit like the speaker was blown and was just this weird BLPHTBLPHTBLPHT

It says right on it "Who Did It" and it has different peoples faces on it. Hmmm what could it be?

I did a search for "Who did it Clock" and found this website

Guess what that noise is? Jamie just loves it and my mom and I think it's funny too...but it offends Mike's sensibilities a bit. He says things like "Oh yes honey that clock makes us fit in into the upper echelon of high society". He is such a prude.

It's a Fart Clock!

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