Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mike is Home! or No Spanking Zone

This past week my husband has been downstate doing high intensive training for better skills as an AP World History teacher to high school students. My mom even came and stayed to help out most of the days he was gone but it was pretty difficult without him. My hat is off to you single mommies out there (and those of you that don't get regular help and respite from your husbands!!)

When Mike is here he does alot, especially in the summer when he isn't in the classroom. He feeds Jamie in the morning and gets her dressed; takes Jamie to school, and does some stuff around the house; and then picks her up after school, plans dinner and pretty much cooks it himself, and then often does the dishes. I know I know, it sounds like I have a wife doesn't it? I know I am lucky...when I read other blogs where husbands barely load the dishwasher much less anything else.

So I got a taste of what it's like to be single and got warmed up for when he will start teaching again in 3 weeks or so.

Jamie picked this week to really try my patience and last night she tried Mikes. He spanked her twice and I think he has only spanked her one time before this so it was stressful on all of us.

In reading this book on "Taming the Spirited Child" they strongly recommend not spanking. Instead you are to remain calm - which harkens back to one of my best slogans in life I have learned - He who angers me controls me. Anyway remain calm, talk about their Feelings, (It must make you mad that you can't have a cookie); then remark on Logic (but if we all ate cookies all the time we would blow up like balloons; Give an Alternative (How about a nice crunchy carrot); Then if that doesn't work use a Consequence; (If you don't stop crying about the cookie you will need to sit in the Time Out chair). FLAC is the acronym or as I like to call it dealing with Flac with Flac!

I have been trying...but I just get so aggravated and get angry with her...I guess she is controlling me.

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