Saturday, August 8, 2009

A long night/day

Well I never made it back asleep...come to find out Jamie and Mike were awake in the other bedroom so we have all been up since 5am or so (me since 3am) Jamie and I got up from the bed about 6:30 and came out here on the porch. I love my porch- Its screened in and half of it has a screened top and a partially bricked partially dirt floor. So I have some large split leaf philodendrums growing and some palms are against the outside on one side, my pool on another, some privacy bushes on the 3rd side and the house on the fourth side.

Guess I could just post a photo eh? Here are some from earlier in the summer that show the view from the porch, but I don't seem to have any of the porch itself.
Anyway I am so enjoying being out here. Jamie and I did some cleaning and straightening (well mainly me, but she did help wipe down a couple chairs) and then we did sand play and I got online and emailed some friends to maybe come over.

Anyway nobody could make it over on such short notice so we just continued. Mike got up about 10, he has a bad cold, and got a bit disgruntled when he saw I was trying to start the New Lawnmower, so he mowed the back yard, hacking and coughing and complaining the whole time.

I told him I would do it but he persisted. While he mowed I vacuumed the pool and Jamie just enjoyed being in the pool.

They went to Firehouse to get some subs *YUM* Hook and Ladder anyone? and I am in heaven - blogging and playing my game - Settlers of Cataan online.

I love Saturdays.

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