Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do you spank?

Please let me know if you occasionally spank your child for bad behavior. This book and so much I read is strongly opposed. I know I don't have any fond memories of being spanked. My mom used a wide firemans belt with a brass buckle - 'The Belt'. I remember getting spanked pretty darned hard with that thing up through elementary school. I know that most of my generation was spanked, they even spanked in schools at that time.

Do you spank? if so why and when? how old are your kids/were they when you spanked them and do you think it harmed your relationship as their parent?


greedygrace said...

I have not spanked Allie (yet). I HAVE smacked her hand when her behavior demands an immediate reaction (like if she's reaching for the hot stove).

We do time outs here, and she gets extra awards if she's been good ( dessert after dinner, a movie, etc). Good luck!

Cinda said...

I have occasionally resorted to a quick swat on the behind - it's been enough to get his attention and curb the behavior - generally...

We've had some trouble with being wild eating out recently - not that we even go out that much! I had to take him out of the restaurant one day last week, and Craig had to take him out a couple of times at Cracker Barrell the other night. Seemed to work and we got through our meal...

Lauri said...

We have in the past as an attention getter, a quick swat on the bottom or hand .

I have threatened it out in public..
but it is not a part of our daily parenting

I just don't think it is effective for Livi's age range ( 4.5) but was more effective when she was younger.

Michelle said...

OH yeah...when my kids act up they will get the paddle or the belt. I do not believe in smacking or smacking with your hand, it is degrading to a child a mother and a father should have loving hands. You don't want your child flinching when you move quickly, that is caused from using your hand.

My daughter 13, does not need a spanken anymore, she is a very well displined girl, sometimes lazy - but displined.

My son, 10, will need a spanken at times. I give him two re-direction warnings and after the 2nd he will get the paddle or the belt. I do not play...if I tell him he will get the paddle, if he doesn't staighten up he will get the paddle.

There really is not much need for paddling or spanking if you are giving them the chance to focus and redirect themselves. Stay consistant, I always end the displine after a few minutes goes by with "you know why you received a spanken and how are we going to fix it in the future, I also reassure them that they are still loved and made a wrong decision.