Sunday, September 19, 2010

We want what we want when we want it or The Home Depot Kitchen Visualizer - Final colors

We decided to complicate the issue further as our cabinets will not be in until next Friday or so! So we had our detested Pink swirled white Ceramic tiles pulled out yesterday and replaced it with Pergo brand wood simulated Laminate in a darker 'Hickory Potomac' color.

This of course caused the budget to skyrocket even higher, I think we are up to 13-14k. Scary I am telling you but it should look so incredibly better. It's just going to shoot any kind of savings we had and put us in debt quite a bit.

I know we should have saved up to do it right, so we didn't have to go into huge debt again. We just couldn't wait.

And that my friends is the story of our marriage. This time I vow when we get out of debt we will be saving upfront for the next big ticket item!

(Which will probably be the 6k remarciting of the pool...or the 3k refrigerator...or the 1k repainting of the interior of our living room/dining rooms etc)

Who am I fooling, we aren't not even done with the current project and I have all kinds of wants and needs swirling around to be next. And that doesn't even count the unforeseen circumstances that you know life tends to throw at you.

I need to have faith.

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