Friday, August 15, 2008

Mike is back to school so our vacation is over

Gosh it's been nice having a house-wife I mean husband. LOL - Mike had 8-9 weeks off this summer between last year and this year as he teaches High School and our district does not do year round classes. Though he did get hired at one of those learning centers, they couldn't seem to get it together to get him trained so Mike only worked about 3 days for a couple hours each time. Although it would have been nice to have the extra money it was also nice having him home. He took Jamie to daycare and picked her up every day, and in the mornings he was here while I was getting ready to get Jamie ready. He also got some things done around the house that didn't seem to be gotten to when he was working, like paint the spa cabinet, pressure wash the outside steps and sidewalks.

Now I am on my own in the morning as he leaves before 7am. How do you people do this!?! What do you do with a toddler while you are getting ready? I tiptoe around and hope she doesnt wake until I am almost ready but she wakes up most of the time about 30 or 40 minutes before I am ready to leave, in other words I am not ready when she wakes up. She doesn't want to be left alone on the potty even for five or ten minutes to do her business. I am trying to retrain her that this is the way we have to do things but there are fights and struggles every morning.

Any suggestions?!


Trooper Thorn said...

Sounds like you two work pretty well as a team. You have just come into a different season and need to figure out which sport you are playing.

greedygrace said...

I have the same problem! If I'm not ready by the time my daughter wakes up, too bad for me! Luckily, she's a little OCD and loves washing her hands, so that buys me some time to do some last minute make-up application!

greedygrace said...

BTW... EVOO is extra virgin olive oil (a favorite of Rachael Ray's!)

How was your Cacciatore? I made a chicken pot pie tonight that I think I'm going to post the recipe for next!

Melanie said...

Hi! visiting via 'Greedy Grace'!

I'm a single mom, so the idea of having someone else get Cameron to daycare is totally foreign. I'm kinda used to the get-ready-with-toddler thing.

1) get as much as you can ready the night before. Lunches packed, clothes set out for you and your daughter.
2) breakfast for Cameron is usually something he can cart with him, I don't bother enforcing that he sits at the table. Banana, toast, that sort of thing, so he can follow me.
3) Find something for her to do in each room you need to go to. Send her off on errands.
4) she'll get used to sitting on the potty by herself. It'll be rough at first - just keep working on a minute here, a minute there.
5) okay okay I'll admit it. I use DVDs for the worst mornings. Franklin the Turtle is a big help! Cameron spaces out watching and eating his banana, while I finish getting ready. Not ideal, but ya do what ya gotta do.

I hope something there helps! But just know, it gets better.