Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fay Go Away!

Well we spent the evening scouring the stores for batteries and bottled water. We came home triumphant with lots of D batteries (which were not easy to find!) gallons of water and smaller bottles of water, other batteries, and munchy type foods. Our mayor declared that this was serious at 6:14 pm, when he said school would be closed both tomorrow and Thursday. It's good that Mike is a teacher as Jamie's school is closed as well. I will go to work, but may take off a bit early and work from home. (if we have power) Mike will stay home with Jamie and stow the garbage cans, umbrellas and outside furniture. Also fill the tub, get chlorine for the pool,and wash some towels...Poor guy the list is getting longer as I think about it. Last time a hurricane came up the state and came through this area was Frances and she caused a power outage in our home for 5.5 days. It seriously sucked. How can anyone live without air conditining, not to mention internet, expresso makers etc. When we did leave the house it was treacherous as the traffic lights were out and we saw 5 accidents at the intersections...This time we will either stay in and stay safe (and hot!) or we will run for the hills. Or it could turn away from us in the night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the latter.


greedygrace said...

Oh my gosh! Are you in a panic, or this normal for you? I would be freaking out!

Hope the storm passes you by with no problems!

Marthavmuffin said...

I was panicking a little last night in the store as there were hoards of people roaming/running the aisles. There were no big batteries at Home Depot or Walmart, but we found them at Target (way in the back of the store by the toys!! Good thing I'm a mommy as the store clerks weren't sure where they were they just gestured to the back and side of the store and said "batteries are all over the store in endcaps"

I am more worried about being without electricity and the creature comforts of AC and internet than anything else. LOL