Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life is good!

Too busy to blog lately, but I realized today life is pretty good here in the Jamie and us household.

My immediate supervisor is no longer with the company. Yes we all no what that means in corporate speak.

They announced my new boss this week and it's someone at the company I know and like and also know she likes and respects me. Wow. This will be so different. Yay for me!

Our new dog Samson is working out beautifully. I was reluctant to listen to the crate trainers out there, but you were right! Thanks to you all! and you know who you are! It has helped immensely. We haven't had one potty accident and just a few chewed shoes (one of each of ours) He is so obedient and ready to please for the most part, a typical 'golden' child. He really isn't a pure golden retriever, but he looks a lot like one but a bit smaller with shorter hair.

I took him out for a solo bike ride myself tonight and he has potential to be the dog I always wanted that will jog along side of me (or along side of Jamie) while we ride bikes. Got to figure out how to get him to quit crossing in front of me though. LOL

And Jamie got into the Arts Magnet school we had hoped for her. It will put her on the Arts Magnet track all the way through High School so that means we don't have to move to a better area for her school.

If we are able to so be it. But no pressure. Not only that but kids in schools where the parents and the kids want to be there do so much better in their education as well as their lives.

I just feel this is going to be a great year for us.

Now if I could just get my photos downloaded where I could get to them sometime soon so I could post them online. Oh well not everything can be perfect!

Happy Spring everyone, how is your world?

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