Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Determined Struggle has ended!

The year of career hell has finally ended. I haven't posted alot about this situation as I know people have gotten in trouble with mixing blogging with their jobs. Most of my friends and any readers who have been around over a year might know that I had a woman boss join the company in Oct 2009 who I butted heads with.

Many coworkers left our department (13!!) and even one boss left during her 15 month reign. This may not sound like a lot but our department is only about 12 total folks. Many people thought I would be among the ones who left. That I would leave either from being fired or by quitting because of how miserable I was.

A friend who worked there had a book about Horoscopes in relationships. When you turned to the page with her birthday week and mine the title was 'Determined Struggle'.

But I was determined. Determined to hang on to a job I love, where I have worked for years. (18 years last month!) I help my accounts get a ROI or return on their investment, in other words what I sell helps their business to be profitable.

I am not entirely sure why she was let go. I think it had something to do with 3 sales reps leaving in as many weeks the end of the year. All three cited this manager as the reason they were leaving the company. One of them wrote a several page diatribe listing her faults.

Thanks Deb, Peg and Amy. You were the footsoldiers in the final battle.

I am a survivor.

PS. At our church retreat last weekend I had my fortune told with tarot cards. She told me to shuffle the deck and decide what I wanted to hear about, career, money, love,family etc. I chose for the reading to focus my career.

The first card represented my career past. It was a queen of swords. She told me that I had just completed a pretty intense battle of some length and that now it was in the past. The next card was the present and it was Pan - a time of contentment. The future card was the Queen of Cups who I was told was about Love and positive energy. Here is what
this site
suggests the Queen of Cups means in the Future Position as it was in my reading.

When this card is in the future position, you are headed toward a date with contentment. Aim high in the present, as knowing that you will be encountering the Queen of Cups can give you confidence to take risks in love and life, career and college. Family and friends are going to be a great part of your future, so make sure you know where you stand with them and they with you.

More contentment and the confidence to take risks!! Wow.

Gosh it feels good to feel good about going to work again!

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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm really happy for you. This is what I hoped for in my job. We all kept saying "maybe if we hang in there, he'll be gone" But his boss loves him and always took his side even though 5 other managers quit instead of work with him.