Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Ready for another Consignment Sale

Yes I know today was Super Bowl Sunday, but for me it was Super Tag Tuesday. Our spring Consignment sales is come up in less then two weeks so I decided it was time to get with the program.

I tagged over 90 pieces of clothing and about 12 other objects. Hope to get at least a couple hundred dollars back from Jamie's clothes that don't fit or don't fit her fashion requirements.

For example - She doesn't like elastic on her arms, doesn't like tennis shoes, doesn't wear shorts EVER. Until this winter she wouldn't wear jeans, but apparently jeans are now cool at her preschool. Jeans and boots have joined the skirts and mary jane shoes she has been wearing since she turned two.

My living room is trashed with hangers, and clothes and toys all over.

Mike stayed down in the den and kept an eye on Jamie all day so I could get a lot done.

He is a good man.

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