Sunday, June 21, 2015

Forget the Alamo?

We are on the 2nd night of our great RV adventure or Westward Ho! as I like to call it. We got here to San Antonio at 12:45 - a far cry from early in the evening we thought we would arrive.

There was a huge crush of traffic jam on I-10 out of Baton Rouge that took over 2 hours to go approximately 15 miles. For some reason traffic was diverted to only one lane.

Then in Houston THE FREEWAY WAS CLOSED! Yup you heard it right, they just closed down part of the freeway and diverted traffic away from I 10 and didn't tell you where to go! WTH?!

So anyway our 7 hour trip took almost 12. I'm getting very afraid of our 12 hour trip from Balmohea to Tombstone on Monday night! It's not like you can make changes - you have to book ahead so I am not quite sure what we will do - get up at four am? To get there by ten pm?

So tomorrow we may just skip the Alamo. Forget it...But Mike really wants to see it. (He is a History teacher and quite the history major and a huge history buff.  He really should see it. We all should.

Tomorrow Balmorehea is only 5.5 hours away (Or so they say....) We shall see.

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Marthavmuffin said...

Luckily I was wrong and the trip to tombstone only took six hours or so!