Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas busyness

Too much fun and almost too many events.

Jamie performed in her first 'Dance Ensemble' performance at the Jacksonville Landing and she did terrific. I managed to suppress my urge to tell the dance teacher to put Jamie first in line as the line leader didn't even move to the groove like my baby. And she was smiling so big and pretty. Proud of my girl. They will be performing at our local Arts Market (RAM) This Saturday around noon. They are also scheduled for some UNF Basketball games.

And she is in the Church Pageant - she has the lead kid part! She is playing Christmas 2014. So lots of line learning and rehearsals there.

Plus she is doing some public performances with her Rythmic Gymnastics troup at some college basketball games this month, and then competitions January through April.

So busy driving her back and forth to school and activities I am realizing my Real estate career is allowing her to participate ALOT more than if I had a regular job.

Speaking of real estate - I am having a terrific year. I may have 18 transactions closed by the end of the year! And almost double the production (Over 2 million instead of just over a million)

I did so well I won a cruise this month! Watson offered an incentive to its associates who sold 8 houses, and listed 7 and sent 2 referrals within a 10 week period. I can't believe I made it!

The cruise is in May and I will be taking Jamie only as Mike can't get the time off at that time of year.

So now time to put up the tree!

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The Lovely One said...

Congratulations on winning the cruise! You and Jamie will have a great time!