Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I lost the deal of a lifetime Saturday

I had been showing this older couple houses in Hidden Hills - They had a townhouse to sell in Atlantic Beach and I even went on a Listing appointment there and they agreed to list with me. But didn't sign.

She was moving here to be with him and was the one to call me. and to set up all of the appointments. I showed them houses four times. So that was 5 times I spent time with them. All on Saturdays or late afternoons during the week.

She even at one point said she was moving back to Jersey because he wasn't moving along fast enough. But then she returned and said he was getting the house ready. The house he lived in with his deceased wife of many years and she had decided she wouldn't live in.

She was driving the train and he has taken over the controls. He mentioned early on that he had a Neighbor friend who sold real estate. And that is who is listing the house.

I am the procuring cause on the houses I showed them. So technically if they buy any of them I should get the commission or some part of it.

We will see. I may just let it go. $10,000 worth of commission out the window. Wah.

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The Lovely One said...

Bummer! Better luck with the next client!