Sunday, July 29, 2012

Putter uppers vs Leave Outters

I am constantly looking for something in this house. It doesn't help we have so much crap everywhere but often it has to do with my husband and his way of being a 'Putter Upper'. Put not putt. If he sees cupboard doors open he closes them, if he sees a lettuce bag on the counter he throws it away, if he sees a book he shoves it in the bookcase.

Often without thinking or even knowing he did it.

Where is that lettuce bag? I have washed the lettuce and it's been draining in the colander..Now its time to wrap back up in the lettuce bag (Did you know it keeps better in the original bag they package it in?)...anyway nine times out of ten he has thrown it away.

Or closed the cupboard (which sometimes I leave open when using Worcestshire or Oregano... or face it just while I a cooking)

Or files random books away in one of our many bookcases.Not such a problem til it's a library book. We have paid for many a library book to find it months or years later in a bookcase mixed in.

But what can I say? He puts up with me and I am a Leave Outer, Leave Opener...So which is worse?


The Lovely One said...

I am the put-awayer, my husband is the leave-outer! It drives me crazy, especially when I'm trying to clean up! I have even designated a drawer in the kitchen: not just a junk drawer (we have that, too!), but a you-left-this-out-so-deal-with-it-if-you-don't-want-it-thrown-away drawer. The Agent knows to look there first if he ever can't find something!

Lauri said...

I put things away too...