Thursday, May 3, 2012

She took my money!

Jamie's school had a book fair this week. Sent home were repeated appeals for the kids to buy books daily. How it would help the school, how it would help the teacher, and how she could win daily prizes as well as the special event of leaving the classroom each day if they had money each day to buy books.

Now with me selling real estate and not getting a salary anymore, we really don't have money for extras. Buying books are extra. We go to the library almost every week and my child owns at least 100 books already. She is by no means book deprived.

She came home with a couple of books early in the week, turns out Mike had given her $4.

Then yesterday she came home with a audio book - you know the big kind with the music you can play for each page, as well as three other new books as well as forty-seven dollars and some change. WTH!

She told me Ms. Smith gave her the money...Then with further prodding she admitted she took the money from my purse.

I am at a loss. I just don't get it. She is six! This isn't the first time, she had taken twenty a couple months back.

I had her write, "I won't take money from Mommy's purse" ten times and she isn't getting money for tomorrow celebration where they are all encouraged to bring money to buy slushies.

And there may be more punishment.

I just don't know what would be appropriate and also a deterrent on her doing this again. Any feedback would be great if you can offer it.


Lauri said...

ugggh... the schools really drill it into their little heads.. Liv has begged and she too has many many books. I get books at resale shops for a quarter.

Does she earn allowance... it may be a good time to start and allow her to spend her money if she wishes

The Lovely One said...

Oh, no! I have no magic solution, but I hope you're able to figure it out! (meanwhile, if you have any suggestions to get my kid to stop talking and start listening, I'd love it!)