Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer trip

Wow the summer is almost gone and so is our vacation. I know they say not to post that you are on vacation, so as not to let the friends of friends know your house is unattended but we have someone staying there.

And I let it out on FB already.

We have been up to Michigan to stay for a full week where I visited cousins, stepsisters and nieces/nephews and uncles and my Dad. We stayed with Dad the whole time, it was hard for him, he is 80 and not used to his routine being upset. Not that he changed his routine all that much but the rugs got out of place a bit (After I cleaned all the floors), lights were left on, his bathroom was used by a five year old who left the fan on and the door ajar, etc etc.

We visited my Cousin Kris who is my best friend/cousin. She is the one I must never miss seeing while up there, and we never do miss it. She lives across the street from the lake but we didn't make it out to the lake any of the days we were there. We mainly visited and taught them 'the game' (Settlers of Catan which I am addicted to and am trying to pass my addiction on to as many loved ones as possible)

I also went to a small family gathering and saw cousins and children of cousins and grandchildren of cousins that I barely know anymore. But it was great...everyone we visited had a bit of a rural flavor to their home.

We are now in North Carolina after a 14.5 hour trip that should have taken 11.5 hours, staying at my brother in law Bruce's. Bruce lives on a large lot (over an acre) and is so far from town that my cell doesn't work out here. Kind of nice, no phone but internet.

Jamie is now eagerly awaiting going to the movies to see Zookeeper for a matinee on our last day here. We haven't done alot for Jamie here in N. Carolina, as we mainly just hang in the house visiting. I would rather take her somewhere to run off some energy but it is 100 degrees out there already and it isn't noon yet.

They have bowling and roller skating there too, but she picked the movies. Maybe we can find an inside play place.

We brought the dog and I don't think Mike really wanted to. But Samson has been great. He is so mellow and great on trips. Mike has even said what a great decision it was to bring him. This vacation has been mostly about visiting rather than going to attractions as money is a bit tight this year. So no Cedar Point (which I love) No Hershey Park (Which Jamie Loves) and no Museums or Presidential Burial grounds (which Mike loves).

Just sitting and resting. Which is really what a vacation should be. I know I needed it.

When is the last time you went on a sitting and resting vacation? I think this was my first.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Last year when we stayed at Hawk's Cay on our way to Key West. We spent 3 days lounging by the pool, sitting at the outdoor bar and having picnics on our balcony.

Of course, we didn't have vacations like this when we had kids!

Marthavmuffin said...

Well we did do more in Michigan around my relatives that include kids! That last few days in North Carolina was mainly rest though!

Jamie is ready for some activity now, guess I better see if there is room at the day camp for her next week!