Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally photos

Jamie loves her teacher Ms Pearl. I don't think she realizes she is about to not see her and be with her anymore!

Cutting up at Dance class

Playing guitar at Ms Michelles (Samson's first mommy)

So she really seems to love her dog, except when he eats her shoes or dolls which happens alot still. Good thing I buy most of her shoes at the thrift and consinment stores. The dolls that were ate were new though. It really doesn't bother me a whole lot for some reason. I guess I am really taken with this dog. He is a sweetheart. No more potty accidents - at least not for about 3-4 weeks so that is good. I just make sure my shoes are put up, especially my Birks.

Jamie will be leaving the school/daycare that she has been going to every day since she was 2 in 2 weeks. I am afraid that there will be some meltdowns when we get closer. Just this morning she was shouting she wanted her Dad to come to the Dads day party they will be having later in the month. She won't be there so no Dads day for her and Daddy. Hope she handles it well.

I have her signed up for Arts camp at the magnet school she will be attending this fall. The arts camp runs 3 wks after school ends. Then she will stay home with daddy most of the summer. We will go on vacation or stay on staycation during that time. Then right before school starts we are putting her in the local YMCA camp for a couple of weeks. That will give her another opportunity to be with new kids and also to swim every day and have some fun before school starts.

Then back to Pine Forest. This magnet school has won 'Best elementary Magnet school in the country'. It is the only dedicated arts Magnet school here in this county and is really sought after. More than 200 kids tried to get in and Jamie made it! She is in for the duration of her elementary school career. Then if she is good at dance or art or writing she can go to the Middle & High magnet schools but she will have to audition to make it there.

So it starts...My baby is becoming a child, a person of her own right.


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