Monday, March 14, 2011

Ok I guess it was getting too 'zen' around here with Buddah Fish. We brought home Sampson Saturday night for a sleepover.

Mike wasn't pleased, but I assured him it was a test run. The friends who gave us the ten gallon tank need to downsize on their pets as they have 3 dogs and 2 cats and fish and may be looking for a new house to rent soon.

When we visit Jamie LOVES Sampson (Not pictured above but looks alot like this) and he is the most well behaved and laid back puppy I have ever seen. He is 5 mos old and appears to be a golden retriever.

It went well...Lets just say Mike melted at how Jamie and Sampson bonded.

So we will be taking him on Friday for the entire weekend.

We aren't really 'dog people' so we are a bit intimidated.

Where do we put him during the day? When we are on vacation? Will he chew the door, or our furniture? WIll the cats ever get along with him? Will Jamie get bored once he isn't the new thing around here? and most importantly:

Will he end up my dog?

Chances are he will. And I think I'm all right with that.


The Lovely One said...

Do you have a fenced backyard? I believe that dogs should be outside if you're not home-- but get ready for holes in your lawn and flowers dug up!

Patty said...

So happy to hear you got a puppy . . . they take a lot of work but are well worth it.

Your puppy should be crated whenever you are not home. It would be wise to get a crate big enough to accommodate him as an adult. The area of the crate he is in should be big enough to allow him to turn around. I believe all crates come with a divider that can be moved as he grows.

It's also a place for them for "time out" (30 secs only). Until we took Dakota's crate down, all we would have to say was "time out" and into the crate she went until she was called out.

They like the crates because they give them a sense of security. Whenever you let him out of the crate, he needs to go potty right away. Actually, he needs to go potty quite often as a pup and treat him when he does go outside. He will quickly catch on. Yelling or scolding serves no purpose.

Training is a good thing as well. Pet Smart offers an 8 week course for about $99 and you can repeat for free until he "gets it".

If he is chewing on stuff he shouldn't, Bitter Apple works wonders. Dakota stays away for anything that is not hers . . . cat food, trash, shoes, etc. She still runs if she sees the bottle coming (LOL).

Enjoy your new addition to your family.

deborah said...

You know I love dogs! It will be fine.Boga now has a new friend a new lab puppy and a cat that Booga is affraid of!They will all be fine