Sunday, January 6, 2008

I blog for comments!

I was told yesterday I needed to 'step it up' with the blogging, that she was (Aunt Patty) was coming daily to check and there wasn't any fresh content. Well I do the same thing, I come to the blog to see who has visited and what they commented on. Not very many comments. Hmmm, maybe I need to be more interesting? or post more often? Or both!? But as I stated above "I blog for comments!' If you come here, please take a minute and say hey!

Here are some of the recent pictures from Christmas.

Here is the photo I was allowed to take with my camera (she was a bit scared of Santa):

Here is the photo they took with their props and funny faces:

Now Jamie wants to see the Santa! photo anytime I am on the laptop. Guess we need to scan, print and laminate her her own copy of it. I am not sure which one to do it with as she seems to like the one where she is crying.

Here is a family shot with Mikes mom and brother Bruce:

Now for the Christmas Card adventure. Here is the first card we had made before I got the picture I really liked of Jamie in the Black Bodiced dress:

Well they also didn't crop the family shot as I had so I wasn't pleased at all, it was also a bit dark. So I had it redone, not only did they not crop the shots they way I wanted....well look and see.

So, I had to go back to Walmart again and they redid it, but the first time I went I took the pictures on a jump drive which they couldnt the fourth time is the charm!


Moneek said...

Yah! You did redo your post and with photos and everything. The picture with Santa turned out really nice, good thing you bought one because there is a major difference. Wow you found a good Santa...he looks sooo real...freaky(Usually you can tell they are wearing beards and things). I'm glad you got the christmas card redid, the final looks sooo much better...:)

Marthavmuffin said...

This Santa was voted the most realistic and best Santa in the country. He was at Regency and he had a real beard and rosy red cheeks! But she cried anyway...they managed to get her to smile for the shot they took. Heehee. Oh and I didn't redo the post...It was there and for some reason didnt show up that day. Hmmm... anyway thanks for commenting!!

Lauri said...


She is too cute.. does she suck on her fingers??? Livi does that too?