Monday, November 12, 2007

The Fair and the Parade

This is a 3 day old baby goat - the highlight of the fair experience for Jamie!

Her First Merry Go round ride - She tantrumed a bit when we took her off.

We enjoyed this three day weekend thoroughly with friends and fun for all. Saturday we went to Aunt Patty and Unka Johns for dinner for Chris' birthday; yesterday we went to the fair and today we took the train to the parade. Something messed up with the camera -I had it set to the wrong setting and each picture during the parade was completely bleached out, so the pictures from today are all afterwards. Jamie enjoyed her first lollipop during the train ride back to the car.


Patty said...

Next to my niece Trisha (none of the other nieces or nephews make this list), Jamie has GOT to be the cutest little girl ever.

Her excitement seeing all those animals was wonderful. It is awesome to experience / witness all she is experiencing.

Thank you for sharing your daughter with us ! ! !

Moneek said...

cute cute cute!! I thought I wasn't going to enjoy the fair that much because last year I had a bad experience with too many people but this year it was really nice. :) You guys looked like you had fun!