Tuesday, October 23, 2007

End of Summer Blues

This is one of the two costume choices we have for Jamie to wear for Halloween. See what I am talking about with the clarity of that camera! (See below) Its a fairy princess of sorts, but she won't wear the tiara but for a minute, and isn't interested in carrying the wand. I also have a very cute hooded ladybug costume with antenna that would look so cute with black tights and red shoes. But she isn't interested in headgear and its made out of fur, so would be very warm to wear unless Halloween is cold. We probably won't do the Door to door routine with her this year, but may take her to a church fest like we did last year.

With Kimba passing away and the onset of the autumn I have been feeling a little down. I used to struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when I lived in Michigan and it always happened at this time of year, because in Michigan it would turn grey and cold in October and not get warm and sunny until April. Thank god I live in Florida now, it reached 90 degrees today (I think it was a record) and the sunny days are pretty plentiful all year long, so I don't have the long doldrums I used to experience.

I am sorry I haven't been posting. Other than my not so great mood lately, I returned the digital camera I had bought from Walmart shortly before the adoption ceremony in August. It had such a lag that I missed most of the cute shots of Jamie and lots and lots of shots were so blurry that I just got frustrated with it. I know that I probably need to spend closer to $300 to get a camera with a quicker response and more consistent clear images. I need to investigate soon as I really hate not having a camera!


Patty said...

so she won't fit in the costume you had last year? she looked absolutely adorable in that one. so sorry about her not liking the "head wear". I am sure she will grow out of that.

Marthavmuffin said...

The M and M? I didnt try it, she does have a ladybug costume we may bring with us tomorrow as an alternate. Heehee We can't wait.