Saturday, April 10, 2021

I am missing being with people


Before the pandemic our church fell apart. It wasn't pretty and I don't get to see most of those folks anymore. 

Now with the Pandemic it is even worse. I miss you guys!

Please get your vaccines so we can gather! PLEASE! Halloween is coming up but first Spring and Summer fun!!

Friday, June 26, 2020

I wear it to protect you

What is wrong with people in this country?! I have seen/heard people coughing or huffing in people's faces because we are concerned about this virus. Yes still concerned because it is still here!

Over 6000 cases in Florida in one day. Sunshine isn't putting a dent in the numbers.

Unfortunately I have had some medical tests come in with issues so I am going out every week for more tests. And to get groceries.

Other than that our family is contained. We did let our daughter go to the park and ride the skate board one evening for a few hours. That may not have been safe. And with this new peak that won't be happening again anytime soon.

PEOPLE PLEASE WEAR A MASK! I wear one to protect you, won't you wear one to protect me???

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

So many animals so little time! I came home from dropping Jamie off at school to find the Dog shat on the rugs and peed between. I know he was sorry, his head was droopy.

My daughter and I both love animals so much but gosh it's a pain taking care of the house and pets. Pretty much a full time job and I do need to do some real estate as well.

On a more positive note one of my customers who is a small investor finally got a house under contract yesterday! Whoo hoo something in my pipeline. Now if we could just get this hoarder house to close!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Ok I admit it. I play Pokemon. And like it. My daughter got me into it but she thinks it's stupid now. I am level 37 and am recently enjoying going on Raids with others in my neighborhood.

I know it's dorky but its fun. And when I was walking daily I put together a 2.5 mile hike from my house that went by 3 gyms and several stops. So it made walking more fun.

The trip was great in June, and I have dropped the ball on my daily walks as it's in the nineties all summer here.

This week was our first week in the 80s so I just may start my daily walks again soon.

Good thing too as I have gained a bit of weight.

PS I have been off the blog because of blogger issues again with that widget problem. I think I fixed it again hopefully for good.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


We are going on an EF tour this summer with Mike's high school students and I know there will be lots of walking.

So we all got Smart Watches for Christmas and I have been working on increasing my steps daily. At first I was lucky to get 3000 steps and now most days I have over 7000 or 8000 steps.

I have gotten into hiking the beautiful trails we have in the Jacksonville area, among them Timucuan, The Aboreatum and Dutton Island preserve. Most days I bring my dog Samson and we both enjoy it so much.

Soon it will be too hot to hike (IMHO) so I am beginning to mourn the loss of our temperate climate that we have here in Jacksonville from Sept - April. Guess I will go back to swimming laps :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Blogger issues

Ok for the last month or two whenever I came to my blog it was show for a second and flash away to a widget server screen.

So maddening. I found this article but don't know if I have done this correctly or not...!msg/blogger/7u2HMWP9PDc/XD7vBZ5kCgAJ

I guess it worked if you can see the blog/me? Can you see me? Anyone out there?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wow my blog was blocked for weeks!

Some sort of pop up kept coming up and not letting me log in to my blog! It was very maddening.

I found the answer here:!msg/blogger/7u2HMWP9PDc/XD7vBZ5kCgAJ

but couldn't figure out how to implement it.

I guess it worked itself out as I was finally able to log on today.

Life is good.

Real estate has been very busy for me this year! I have had several listings and have been working with buyers as well. I hope to have my best year ever.

Jamie just started at a new school. They use the Waldorf philisophy of teaching. They teach to the head, the hands and the heart.

She is learning an instrument called a Melodica, (Pictured)

she is learning to surf and to speakSpanish and likes going to school again.

My husband is obsessed with Gator Football and also teaches high school so we don't see alot of him until mid December.

And the storm Michael didn't come near us, so we have power!
Woo Hoo for power - gotta have my AC for comfort down here in the Sunshine state. It's still in the 90s here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Litter Pickup

I am a full time Realtor and Mom to 12 yr old Jamie and a wife to Mike who teaches High School History and loves the Gators. That means my Autumns are very busy. Mike is all Gator all the time pretty much all weekend. And now Jamie is going to games with him. So that means I am alone on the weekends to get things done.

My house is too messy and not as clean as it should be.

So is my car.

I feed a colony of kitties once a week (There are several of us doing this from my church).

I am on the board of our neighborhood and currently serve as secretary.

So not enough on my plate? I got involved in picking up litter in our neighborhood every first Saturday of the month. I drag my daughter and husband with me as I think we all should give back to our community.

When ever I think of giving something up I just can't.

But no more! I have been saying 'No' a lot to extra requests from my church for involvement. And I don't feel bad about it.

After all we only have 6 more summers....

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Starry Nights' House

I love interesting Houses and buildings. This house in Mt Dora Florida had an unattractive cement wall in front and owners decided to paint it in Van Gogh 'Starry Night' style. Then it looked so good they painted the house to match. They have an autistic grown son and have found it safer for him to know where he lives. Everyone in that town know where 'The Starry House' is.

City govenment fined them and tried to make them change it and the homeowner prevailed.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The White Male Patriarchal Society is fading fast or Let's all go back to blogging!

One of my favorite ex bloggers from back in the day of Mommy bloggers got stung on Facebook today. She posted a photo of kids picking berries in her yard and compassionately mentioned that she was worried about the kids in the camps separated from their families and some white 'gun guy' started spouting off against it. I say he was a gun guy because he has a gun for a facebook photo!

WTF White male patriarchal society is tipping over and they don't like it a bit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Jamie can really sing!

This was several years ago. This past weekend my daughter Jamie did a solo song at our weekend church retreat talent show. She has such a lovely voice...Really poignant

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Kitties need to be fed, kid need to be driven to school, laundry needs to be done, it's always something

See one of my kitties hanging in the bottom corner of this photo? I feel like there is always a mouth needing to be fed, a box that needs to be scooped, salad stuff that needs to be made or a house needs to be cleaned. Plus I have to bring home the Bacon and it hasn't been easy this past year.

When does life get easier or less complicated anyway? Retirement?  Or even then it will be something I guess. My Mom used to be overwhelmed if she had more than a Dr. appointment per day. Too many pets doesn't help. Two of the cats have dietary needs - The Tortie Calico in this photo has 'pre-diabetes' so has to eat special prescription cat food. Another of my Kitties has had Feline Urulogical syndrome and he also has to eat prescription cat food. So twice a day I separate the four cats and dole out their special foods. (And I feed the dog - but he's easy.)

Ok so cats and dogs are fed. Fish is dead. So time to feed the family. Trying to hope Mike will take over now and then automatically but he always looks to me. I am the planner, shopper and cook more often. He has had recent success with Poached Chicken which is so much better than it sounds when done right. Then he uses the leftovers to make homemade chicken salad. So happy he is showing some interest in culinary needs of the family (or really of himself but thats OK!) One less tummy I need to fill.

My daughter often greets me at the door with "I'm hungry Mommy". So I started letting her cook some things for herself. Thing is she would eat frozen burritos very night and they are pretty chalk full of crap and fat.

I guess in 6-8 years I may be lonely and in an empty nest, seems so far away now.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fall in Florida is like Spring in Michigan

I grew up in Michigan - We had long grey winters. LLOOOOOONNNNNGGGG ones . Starting in Mid October til Mid April it was grey and cold. And often snowing or sleety. (is that a word?)

Anyway in Michigan when springtime came people got kooky. Everyone was so happt to see the sun and get outdoors without freezing our butts off that we were all goofballs.  Spring Fever don't you know?

Here in Florida it's the opposite. I know most people think we are sunbathing in the summer time but most of us stay indoors in the summertime because it's too DAMN hot to be out in it. So we rush from our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned homes and offices and don't dilly dally in the heat and humidity.

So now? Now it's FALL FEVER! Yup we are goofy about it. Everyone is so excited that it isn't going into the 90s anymore we just gush about the chilly weather We come out and jog, walk the dog, wash our own cars and have festivals. Now is the time for festivals baby.

Too bad the national touring acts don't know that! They typically tour in the summertime and I just don't do outside in the summer unless I am by my pool (Or someone elses' pool) Yes I will go to the beach now and then to boogy board, but I will be damned if I am going to go sit outside at a backyard barbeque without a pool. No way No how. We turned our heat on for the first time since last winter as it got down into the high 40s this week.

I think I will clean my car this weekend. And maybe go to this cool festival we have here called Porchfest.,,, and maybe go watch the Blue Angels? I just am giddy with it. It's so cool, it's finally cool!

Michelle Smiles Shrimp & Pasta

Here is the website url for the best shrimp and pasta dish that I have been making for over ten years.

And here is her post and recipe:

The grocery store had uncooked  shrimp on sale.  Lately, I’ve been buying the already cooked and peeled shrimp to save time.  But the sale was good enough to encourage me to cook and peel the shrimp myself.  Oh my!  I forgot how amazing shrimp taste when cooked correctly!   The already cooked shrimp end up rather rubbery and tasteless by the time I get them reheated in whatever dish I throw them into.  But these shrimp melted in my mouth.  I tell you this just as a PSA – buy them raw and cook them yourself.
1/2 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined
4 Tbl cold butter in small pieces
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 fresh lemon juice
1/2 dry white wine
1/4 fresh basil leaves, chopped
Pasta cooked
In a saute pan, heat a small amount of olive oil.  Place the shrimp in the pan.  Allow to saute for a couple of minutes – as the down side is starting to pink up, turn each over and allow to cook for another minute or two until completely pink.  Once it is completely pink, remove it from the pan immediately.
Melt 1 Tbl of butter in a sauce pan and saute garlic. Add wine and lemon juice, allow to cook on med/med-high until reduced by 1/2.  Reduce to low heat, add butter one small piece at a time – stirring until piece melts and then add the next one.  Once all of the butter is added, stir in some salt and pepper and the fresh basil leaves.  Remove from heat.  Toss with shrimp and pasta.  Top with some grated parmesan or asiago cheese.
The night I made this, I discovered that we were out of white wine so I used red.  It tasted almost as yummy – so whatever you have in the house is good.  Also, if you like tomatoes, you could chop up a tomato and toss it in.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Not much of a Dance Mom

Jamie is no longer in Dance Ensemble but has dance classes every day now that she is in middle school. Each A day she has two classes and each B day she has one dance class. This means she has to wear different colored tights and leotards each day. And each class. On A day she actually wears 2 different pairs of tights one over the other.

I think it's crazy but it's her passion not mine.

I do not however bring her the tights or leos if she misjudged and dressed incorrectly. Some call that mean. I call it natural consequences.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Jamie's first day of LaVilla Middle School!

I just realized this past week if she takes the bus each day as planned I just gained 12 hours a week back into my life!!

I have many hopes for what to use that extra time for - Perhaps Exercise? House cleaning? Meal planning and prep? Landscaping oh yeah and Real Estate!

We will see - She was waxing philosophical about having to ride the bus in the morning...LOL She gets $10/week if she rides the bus each day.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Funny Residence in our town

This is called the Whetstonian - It's actually a house where these folks have decorated with found objects. They have a fence/wall on the other side where it faces a busy street - State St in Jacksonville, FL and they have many pieces of granite that were cutouts from where the sink goes on Granite Counter tops. Pretty cool but very odd.
I love seeing unique structures/places while I drive the streets of my town. I do a lot of driving so this makes it more fun and rewarding. I stated a new blog called Arlington and around Jax - but haven't done much too it. This post really needs to go there!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year! We spent the last several weeks getting our living room painted and our pool remarcited so now I need to make some money! Hihohiho it's off to work I go!

If you know anyone anywhere who is thinking of buying or selling please call me! If I can't help I can send a referral as we are members of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the world which means I can get someone best suited to handling your real estate needs!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Remembering Christmas' Past

Christmas 2008

We don't do alot during the holiday season - at least not the three of us. Jamie and I do a lot of running around. Saturdays she has Rythmic gymnastics at 9:30, and rehearsal for the Snow Maiden part of the Nutcracker in the afternoon and sometimes a Dance performance from her troupe from school - Dance ensemble. The performances are at places like the Fair, our local street fair under the bridge called Riverside Arts Mart or at JU or UNF ball games. Today was a football game at JU and the word their performance was to be televised on ESPN.

Mike on the other hand is really busy with grades/grading papers in the fall plus the Gators play each Saturday so that is never a day he will go anywhere. And if I have houses to show he will take over with the Jamie duty,,,even if just to be here in the house while she watches tv by herself.

So Mommy chauffeur to the rescue! On duty 7 days a week.

I was looking back at the blog...Today was National Adoption Day after all and I was remembering simpler times when we would both be by Jamie's side almost every day. (Except Gator Saturdays in the fall!) When she didn't have so many obligations.

When Mommy could rest on weekends!

Today was JU game at noon, then Dance rehearsal at 3 then I was to go to a Church group at 6 and bring a dish to pass. I emailed I had run out of Mommy juice and wouldn't be there this time.

So Mommy can rest!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Florida's Hardest Hit

Jamie has had two girlfriends (sisters) who have lived here for the past 2 yrs or so. They are one year older and one year younger - Lexie and Autumn. They fight like sisters (the three of them) but play together for hours at least twice a week or so.

Early in the summer they announced that their landlord wanted to sell the house and they were moving. Jamie cried and cried. She has gotten so used to the girls being right here across the street. This will be tough on her...But now for a Real Estate success story:

They looked for a rental house - I sent them rentals from the MLS but didn't really act as their agent as I don't usually do rentals. However when their Mom came in to my house all excited about this great house they were getting for only $1250/ month instead of $1600 my spidey sense went off. I looked up the property owner and yes they got scammed. They wired $2000 to this dude who SHOWED THEM THE HOUSE! Yes he had a key and showed them the house, had them sign a 'lease' and told them where to wire the money. So they lost that money and I started trying to help them.

The rental market here in Jacksonville is really aggressive - houses get rented immediately if they are under $1300/month.'s really really a good time to buy. I asked the folks why not buy? They hadn't even considered buying! And Florida has a program called Florida's hardest hit - help for First time Homebuyers - They are getting $15,000 in down payment assistance towards their closing costs and down payment - They just had to pay for the home inspection, Appraisal, credit app and Binder and the rest was covered by this program. Only a few counties in Florida are doing this - giving so much and not expecting it to be paid back so this is huge!

They moved in this weekend but the house doesn't close for a couple of weeks. So I got a sale, and my daughter lost her neighborhood friends.

I hope we can stay in touch...They aren't that far. But it will seem far after them being right across the street.